Give Me 10 Minutes Of Your Time and I will Put Your Practice on the Path to Certain Success…

New Jersey CPA Invents New “Genius Marketing System” that Floods Your CPA Practice with High Quality Prospects Willing to Pay Premium Fees and Refer Hot “Ready to Sign” Clients…

“STOP Struggling, and Use My GUARANTEED System for Attracting Clients, Making More Money, and Saving Yourself TONS of Time and Frustration!”

Dear Fellow CPA Practitioner,

If you want to grow your CPA business without working endless hours or having the stress of worrying about uneven cash flow, then this is the most important letter you’ll read – ever.

My name is Salim Omar and I’ve been a CPA practitioner for 14 years and I know how hard it is to market and grow a CPA practice.

At first I struggled to get my own practice off the ground. I burned through my savings and went $100K into debt.

Every day was a struggle to pay the bills. My employees smelling my desperation took other jobs. Clients weren’t happy and were constantly begging for discounts or taking their business to my competitors. My 50-70 hour marathon work weeks left me exhausted and disillusioned.

I Was Going Broke and Working Myself

into an Early Grave

I knew something had to change.

So I set out to discover the secret to building a market leading practice…

I combed the Internet and bought every Guru CPA program that I could afford.

But to my horror, I discovered that these gurus were as clueless as I was! Plus, their “systems” focused on marketing “bits and pieces” but none of them provided proven strategies for the entire CPA marketing process.

You see, I was looking for a CPA focused marketing system that:

  • Attracted quality prospects.
  • Converted these prospects into long-term clients who weren’t afraid to pay premium rates.
  • Showed me how to stay focused on my marketing goals without getting sidetracked.
  • And gave me the actual steps that would get predictable results every time.

But, I was coming up empty.

So, I changed tactics.

I decided to look outside the box. Instead of copying other CPAs (with mediocre results) I sought out Marketing Masters with a proven track record growing professional services businesses.

I invested in learning from:

  • Michael Gerber – Author of The E-Myth Revisited.
  • Mark Victor Hansen – Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of bestsellers.
  • Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy – Perhaps the best respected (and most copied) marketing strategists of all time.
  • John Carlton and the late Gary Halbert – copywriting geniuses whose advertisements have made their clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

I went to school, reading every book and course and attending every seminar that I could. Most of all, I took action and implemented their strategies in my practice.

And it worked (thank God!)

  • Instead of chasing after prospects, they were calling me.
  • Within 8 months I signed up 18 new business clients and a flood of personal tax clients.
  • For the last 5 years I’ve signed about 2-3 new business clients every month.

Best of all, I have a thriving practice and my life back –

  • I have a staff of 7 dedicated and competent employees who are happy coming to work every day.
  • Consistent cash flow that covers my expenses and puts growing profits in my pocket every month.
  • I work only four, 7 hours days during tax season and 3 days a week the rest of the year.
  • I enjoy 5 weeks of vacation (minimum) every year.

But ironically, this wasn’t enough.

It Worked For Me – And It Can Work For You Too. Here’s How…

You see, being a natural problem solver who believes in systems, I became obsessed with cracking the code to creating a successful, market dominating CPA practice that would work for anyone. A firm where the owner wasn’t handcuffed to the desk working endless hours chasing new business.

Simply, for the last 2 years, I’ve been working to create a fool-proof, practical, marketing system tailor-made for the unique challenges a CPA firm faces.

I didn’t want “boilerplate” nonsense created by gurus who weren’t even accountants. I wanted an honest, straight-forward system that worked from day one.

  • Imagine if your marketing chores were placed on auto-pilot so that you could focus on your clients.
  • Imagine if you could charge premium fees for your services allowing you to increase your take-home profits while working fewer hours.
  • Imagine charging what the market could bear and never competing on “fees again.”

This means there’s good news for you too!

This is all possible. In fact I’ve discovered that it is easier (much easier) than you think.

With the right system, you can finally have your CPA practice work for you rather than you working for it.

And I’ve been able to boil down the system into a simple, but powerful, formula for jumpstarting your practice and putting its success and growth on autopilot.

And now, I’m going to teach you how I did it.

Introducing the

Genius CPA Marketing System

The Genius CPA Marketing System is your personal tutor for creating a marketing system that will fill your sales pipeline with quality prospects.

The best part is that the Genius CPA Marketing System doesn’t require that you invest extra money, work more hours, or hire expensive outside help.

Plus, the Genius CPA Marketing System is designed for you to learn and implement at your own pace.

I’ve created two versions of the CPA Marketing Genius System to fit the needs of your Practice. Now you can get the perfect collection of marketing tools that will help take your practice to the next level.

You choose, the Deluxe or Gold Edition. Here’s what you get with each –

The Deluxe Course starts you with the fundamentals of the CPA Marketing Genius System. You’ll receive –

  • 4 High Quality Audio CDs that split the entire Genius CPA Marketing System into 10 easy to understand Genius Modules. Just pop in the CD, listen, and take action.
  • Professional Transcripts of Each CD – I’ve included transcripts of each CD that you can print and use for notes and reference.
  • Genius “Fast Start” Guide – I’ll show you quick steps that you can take today to begin transforming your CPA practice into a marketing powerhouse.
  • Genius Participants Guide – Need a nudge to get you started? No problem. This 176 page comprehensive binder offers step-by-step assignments, checklists and tools to keep you on track.
  • The Genius Giant Marketing Toolbox – This manual kit is stuffed with ready-to-use ads, done-for-you templates, checklists, and direct mail swipe files. I’ll also send you a 3-ringed binder to keep all of your Mega-Manual materials organized. Here’s what you get –
    • My Ad Swipe File – The exact ads that turned my own CPA practice into a market leader virtually overnight.
    • AND – My Sales letter Swipe File – The sales letters I used to hook, inform, convince, and close prospects. These sales letters are already tested and proven to bring in business – you get them without spending years learning how to write them yourself!
    • My Testimonial File – Testimonials are a powerful way to build credibility into your marketing. But it’s hard to get specific and authentic testimonials! I’ll show you my file of business-getting testimonials and how you can easily get your own to boost your marketing.
    • All Star Interviewing Questions – My list of interview questions that I use to cut through the “spin” and identify the keepers from the “con-men”.
    • Press Release templates that you can use to immediately announce your firm’s services and generate business starting today.

That’s not all. Let me tell you what you’ll discover in each of the 10 Genius Modules:

Genius Module 1: “Success Conditioning”

  • The “Success Mindset” that every successful CPA needs to have before they can grow their practice.
  • A tailor-made time-management tool that will keep you focused on achieving your growth goals.
  • An easy system for managing your tasks and keeping you focused on the “growth builders” for your practice.

Genius Module 2: Market Mastery

  • The one secret that will propel you to the top of your market area – (it’s not what you think).
  • The difference between marketing and sales and how to do each one like a pro.
  • How to make more money in less time by “being different”.
  • The error that may be causing you to work harder instead of smarter.

Genius Module 3: Hypnotic Marketing

  • The secret to hypnotic marketing and how to turn the most “boring” service into a client “must have”.
  • How to find your ideal client – they are hiding where you least expect them!
  • High return advertising that most CPA’s completely ignore – this knowledge alone is worth the price of the complete system.

Genius Module 4: Viral Adrenaline

  • How to create a constant stream of client business and referrals.
  • The hidden new business juggernaut hidden in your filing cabinet.
  • My “paint-by-numbers” system for writing eye-grabbing newsletters (YES, even a CPA can write a captivating newsletter!).

Genius Module 5: Ad Mastery

  • The one type of advertising that every CPA firm should avoid like the plague (Don’t get hooked!).
  • The power of direct response marketing and how you can use it to grow your business in record time.
  • How to write spell-binding ads that reach out and hook your audience, hook – line – and sinker!
  • The secret to gathering authentic, business-building testimonials from your current clients.

Genius Module 6: Guerilla Lead Attraction

  • How to write your own lead magnets that will attract qualified prospects to your doorstep.
  • My foolproof system for writing Lead Prospecting Articles that capture attention and pre-sell your services.
  • The exact process you need to use to put your entire lead magnet creation process on auto-pilot – just answer the phone and close the deal!

Genius Module 7: Fanatic Cheat Sheet

  • The real “insider” tool for guaranteeing the success of your practice for years to come.
  • The reason why the top CPA firms almost never have to spend money on advertising.
  • How to turn your current clients into your own new business sales force.

Genius Module 8: Team Power

  • How to create a culture of excellence that will grow your practice even when you’re not there!
  • Discover the steps for hiring and retaining superstar employees who are self-starters, dependable, and ready to add value to your firm from day one.

Genius Module 9: Web Warrior

  • How to tune up your old, outdated website.
  • Easily and inexpensively create a professional, lead-generation website in less time than you think.
  • The key features that every CPA Firm website must have to succeed and
  • The rookie mistakes that can kill your website’s effectiveness from day one…

Genius Module 10: Search Confidence

  • My “no-fear”, Search Engine marketing for dummies method that you can use to drive quality traffic to your site.
  • How to not lose your shirt and break the bank with Google Adwords advertising.
  • Proven strategies for generating high-value leads in your geographic market area.
  • Dead-Simple steps that will get your website listed at the top of search engine results.

Bonus Genius Module #1:

  • A step-by-step process to becoming a “CPA Personality” and using no-cost publicity to grow your practice.
  • How to write press releases that get read and distributed to the news outlets that count.

Bonus Genius Module #2:

  • Are your fees too low? I’ll show you how to raise your fees without risking your client base.
  • Easy to implement strategies for creating specialized services that can add profits to your bottom line.
  • How to set-up a cross-selling process that will increase your per-client contracts (the real secret to creating a profitable firm).

Lately, Genius clients have asked me to add more advanced tools to the Genius System. They told me to pour gas on the fire and show them how to rapidly build their practices.

I was happy to oblige…


Get Your Hands on the Gold Edition Now!

The Gold Edition Deluxe Edition PLUS
has all of the tools offered in the

Website Launch Package

In today’s business environment, a professional looking website is just NOT enough. All of your competitors will most likely have one too! What truly turns a website into a lead generation superstar is it’s direct response marketing foundation. I’ve seen countless websites win beauty contests while their owners go broke. If you stumble here, then a smaller, less experienced competitor with a better website will win. It isn’t fair – but it IS true.

Instead of telling you what type of Website you need… I’ll just give you one! I’ve worked with a team of direct response marketers, copywriters, and search engine experts to create the ultimate CPA Website Launch Kit.

Your Website Launch Kit includes:

  • Customizable proven direct response templates in a variety of color schemes to match your branding
  • 6 ready to upload pages including Home Page, Contact Us, About Us, Services, Resources, and Special Offers for attracting new client leads
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization to make sure that you rank highly for CPA related keyword terms in your local area
  • Preloaded CPA articles to establish your thought-leadership and credibility with your market!

The Genius Giant Marketing Toolbox (Gold Online Enhanced)

I’ve added 2 valuable web-marketing tools to the Deluxe Genius Giant Marketing Toolbox to jumpstart your online marketing. Take a look…

  • Email Autoresponder Series – You’ll get 12 professionally written follow-up emails that you can send to all prospects who give their email contact information. These emails are an excellent way to close prospect’s who didn’t contact you the first time from your website. These emails are delivered ready to customize and upload to your autoresponder software.
  • Pay-Per-Click Ad Templates – Google Adwords is powerful tactic for getting more targeted leads to your website. The key to success is using Adwords ads that get a high number of clicks. I’ll send you 6 ad templates that are bona-fide winners. Just customize for your practice and launch!

4 Advanced Strategies DVDs

I’ve recorded 4 DVDs that will teach you advanced strategies for managing and marketing your practice. I use these to train my staff and private coaching clients. These webinars have never been released to the public. The topics are:

  1. How to Charge Premium Fees in Competitive Markets – Most CPAs are drastically under-pricing their services. I’ll show you how to price yourself correctly and immediately boost per-client profits.
  2. The Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Client – All clients are not created equally! Some clients will stick with you for years – others will shop your fees and dump you for no reason. This webinar will show you how to present the right image to load your client roster with loyal and enthusiastic “Clients for Life”
  3. The Key to Long Term Client Retention – Client defection is the #1 enemy to growing a thriving Practice. I’ll show you some of my most closely guarded tactics for locking-up your most valuable clients.
  4. Profitable CPA Marketing Systems – Individual ads don’t grow Practices – Marketing Systems do. Let me show you how to review your Marketing Systems and tweak them for maximum success.

CPA Client Closing System

The famous line from Glengarry Glenross “Always Be Closing” holds true for your CPA Practice. If your Practice can close more clients than your competitors – you win! It can’t get any simpler than that. However, you probably hate selling. You get a knot in your stomach every time you have to ask for the signature. Right? If so then you’re going to love the Gold Edition CPA Client Closing System.

Like you, I hated aggressively closing clients because I was scared of offending them. But the real issue was that I was afraid of looking like an amateur! I created this kit for myself to make sure that I always had the best tool at my fingertips as I was closing the client.

Better yet, I put my Client Closing System in place to make sure that my closing rate remained high even if I wasn’t there to personally ask for the signature. The System works on automatic and converts lookers into clients like clockwork.

The Closing System comes with all the tools you need to succeed. Here’s a peek at what you’ll be able to use –

  • Customizable scripts for in-person and phone conversations. Just place these by your phone and follow them word-for-word to increase your closing rate. I’ve included a variety of scripts so that you’ll be prepared for any type of client or conversation.
  • Templates for educating your prospect’s about your Practice Services.
  • Checklists for properly qualifying and vetting prospects to make sure that they are a perfect fit for your Practice.
  • An easy-to-use follow-up process that keeps your Practice top-of-mind with your prospects while moving them to retain your services.
  • (NEW) Mock Prospect Interview – Watch me interview, qualify and close a mock prospect. This is a great tool for training your staff and yourself on the proper technique for handling new client prospects. The entire interview will be delivered on a high-quality, professionally recorded DVD.

Friend, the Genius CPA Marketing System will be the last marketing course you will ever need. I’ve held nothing back – you get it all.

I’m sure you are wondering about the price for The Genius CPA Marketing System. By nature, we are numbers people so I want to make sure you understand the real value of the System.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • You can learn everything I am about to literally hand you from scratch.
  • You can hire a top-notch marketing agency to do all of this for you.
  • You can continue to do what you’ve always done.

Each choice is an expensive one:

You can spend the time and invest at least 500 hours per specialty to become comfortable with each tactic.

Michael Masterson, bestselling author, and founder of Agora publishing a leading resource for entrepreneurship training illustrates that it takes at least 500 hours for a person to achieve an expert level of skill in any task

So let’s add up the time for just a few of the skills you will learn with CPA Marketing Genius:

New Skill

Time to Learn

Time Management Mastery 500 hours
Creating and executing an effective marketing plan 500 hours
Finding the best advertising channels and understanding how to use each one effectively 500 hours
Creating powerful advertising that attracts quality prospects 500 hours
Setting up and launching a successful client referral system 500 hours
Launching a professional lead generation website 500 hours
Learning the ins and outs of search marketing (just Google) 500 hours
Hiring superstar employees and maintaining a culture of excellence through inspirational management 500 hours
Time Spent: 4,000 hours or about 2 years

If you want to go this route then you should get started now.

Let’s look at it another way – let’s suppose that you would pay someone to spend the time on your behalf.

Basically you hire a fancy Advertising Agency to do it for you –

And let’s suppose you paid that agency $100/hour to do the learning for you. After all, the agency doesn’t know your business, they are marketers not accountants. So they will need to start from scratch and learn on your dime…



(based on products already on the market)

Giant Marketing Toolbox

Ad Swipe File (value $247 per ad!)

Sales letter Swipe File (value $697 per sales letter!)

Testimonial File (value $127)

Interviewing Questions (value $97)

Press Release Templates (value $247 per template!)

$1,265 MINIMUM
Time Management Mastery $2,000/seat seminar
Creating and executing an effective marketing plan $1,997/home study course
Finding the best advertising channels and understanding how to use each one effectively $499/home study course
Creating powerful advertising that attracts quality prospects $297/ebook plus System instruction
Setting up and launching a successful client referral system $997/template system + software
Launching a professional lead generation website $5,000
Learning the ins and outs of search marketing (just Google) $197
Hiring superstar employees and maintaining a culture of excellence through inspirational management $1,997/seat seminar
Total Agency Fees $14,249

You will be shocked to know that $14,249 is the low-end of the cost. To be fair, you will pay less for some items, but you will also pay far more for others. Plus, you will still need to invest time in attending the seminars, finding the products, testing and so on – you get the picture


You can do nothing and risk that your competitor will sit on their hands too.

Not a safe bet.

What Results Can You Expect?

As you know, you need to take action to get results. If you put everything you learn with the Genius CPA Marketing System into motion then you will begin to see results immediately.

Remember that my practice gets 2-3 new business clients a month using what I will teach you.

Even if you did half as well – you can expect to see 1 new business client a month or 12 new clients over the course of the year. Just one of these new clients will more than pay for the discounted price of this course.

You also will finally have a practice that actually works for you. You will spend less time at the office and bring home more profit. Imagine waking up excited about your day! This is possible, inevitable, when you put the Genius CPA Marketing System to work for you.

Here’s the Good News:

Today, I am offering the Deluxe and Gold Editions at a fraction of their true value. You’ve already seen how this valuable information could easily cost you $14,000 or more. In fact, many Practice owners are paying up to $1,000 a month for this type of expert marketing coaching.

But, if you act now, you can pick your level of investment…



One-Time-Payment of just $997


  • 4 High Quality Audio CDs
  • Professional Transcripts
  • Genius Fast Start Guide
  • Genius Participants Guide
  • Genius Giant Toolbox



One-Time-Payment of Just $1,997


  • 4 High Quality Audio CDs
  • Professional Transcripts
  • Genius Fast Start Guide
  • Genius Participants Guide
  • Genius Giant Toolbox


  • Website Launch Kit with pre-built pages, search engine optimization and customizable color schemes
  • Genius Online Kit  which includes:
    • 12 Email Autoresponder series,
    • 6 Pay-per-click ad templates
  • 4 Advanced Strategies DVDs
  • The CPA Client Closing System

But it gets better… the Genius CPA Marketing System is so powerful that I can back it up with –

My 100% Practice Growth Guarantee

I’m not big on legalese – so let me make this simple and quick. The Genius CPA Marketing System will change your accounting practice forever. You will never have to wonder how to turn on the lead faucet and dominate your market.

But, for the next 90 days, if for any reason, you are not excited, shocked, and inspired by the flood of new prospects coming through your door, then send me an email and I will immediately refund your money.

No questions asked.

Now is the time to take action. I believe that fortune favors the bold. I also understand that the professional accounting business is getting more competitive everyday. If you are not taking action – your competition will.

I invite you to make a bold decision for your practice now.

5 Reasons Why You Should Act Now

The price of the CPA Marketing Genius System WILL go up to keep the number of members to a manageable level. Delaying will cost you more in the future.
Your practice lives on new quality leads. Every moment you hesitate empties your pipeline – jeopardizing your cash flow
You will immediately save yourself over $14,249 in costs and marketing expenses. I will show you the short-cut to the top of your market without years of trial and error and wasted advertising.
I’ve made it simple for you to invest at a level that works with your budget.
Your purchase is completely protected by my 100% Practice Growth Guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled with your practices growth, feel free to contact me within the next 90 days for an immediate refund.


I understand that now may be a tough time for you financially. The current economic downturn has hurt businesses and many of them may be cutting back on professional services like yours.

But, you cannot afford to hide in a bunker and wait for the crisis to blow over.

In fact, NOW is the time to expand your CPA practice with the Genius CPA Marketing System.

But I want to make sure that “finances” will not hold you back from getting the Genius CPA Marketing System today.

That’s why I am offering my own Genius CPA Marketing System Stimulus Package.

Today you have the choice of 2 convenient payment options:



Click here for the DELUXE Edition of The Genius Marketing System for a One-Time Payment of just $997 Click here for the GOLD Edition of The Genius Marketing System for a One-Time Payment of just $1,997
Click here for the DELUXE Edition of The Genius Marketing System for (3) Installment Payments of $395 Click here for the GOLD Edition of The Genius Marketing System for (3) Installment Payments of $720

All plans are protected by my 90 Day – 100% Practice Growth Guarantee

PLUS – Three Free Bonuses For Fast Movers!


Complimentary 2 Month Subscription to the Superstar CPA Program – Effective marketing is a moving target. The Superstar CPA Program will keep you up-to-speed on the latest marketing strategies and give you the exact tactics you need to succeed. The Superstar CPA Program consists of a 12 page jam packed newsletter. You will also receive a powerful, high level interview that I conduct with a successful CPA practitioner highlighting proven marketing strategies that have worked in the real world. This CD with its complete, word-for-word unedited transcription, plus the print newsletter will be delivered to your doorstep every month.

Order the Genius CPA Marketing System today and I will give you a complimentary 2 month subscription to the Superstar CPA Program, $194 value (After that, it is $97/month and you can cancel at anytime with email notification.)


Certificate for a 20 minute phone consultation ($400 value) – You’ll get a packed business building session packed with marketing ideas for your practice. I’ll send you a Practice Evaluation before your session so that we can get straight to business.


Certificate for a comprehensive Ad analysis ($400 value) – Send me any of your ads and I will give you a custom analysis and “makeover” recommendation. I’ll let you know exactly what you need to transform your ad from a loser into a consistent lead generating hero

It’s simple to get started today

Yes, I want to get one of the remaining 150, 67 copies of the Genius CPA Marketing System and start attracting high-quality leads to my CPA Practice immediately.

I am prepared to get all 10 Lead Explosion Genius Modules plus the 2 Bonus Genius Modules that you are including for a limited time.

I am proving that I am one of the savvy marketers who can recognize the power of decisive action and I will not let this opportunity pass me by.

I see that only 67 copies are left and I will soon have to pay full price if I don’t take advantage of this opportunity now.

In addition to the entire Genius CPA Marketing System I will also receive these FREE bonuses:

  • Complimentary 2 month membership to the Superstar CPA Program ($194 value)
  • Certificate for a 20 minute phone consultation ($400 value)
  • Certificate for a comprehensive Ad analysis ($400 value)

Now it is simple to grow my practice and all I have to do is take action.


Your guarantee takes all of the risk out my purchase. I understand that for the next 90 days, if I am not “shocked and thrilled” by the growth of my CPA practice that I can arrange for an immediate refund with a simple email.

Based on this, I am happy to choose my preferred Edition below and claim my copy of the Genius CPA Marketing System today.



Click here for the DELUXE Edition of The Genius Marketing System for a One-Time Payment of just $997 Click here for the GOLD Edition of The Genius Marketing System for a One-Time Payment of just $1,997
Click here for the DELUXE Edition of The Genius Marketing System for (3) Installment Payments of $395 Click here for the GOLD Edition of The Genius Marketing System for (3) Installment Payments of $720

Just select a payment plan and we will send you instructions on how you can begin the Genius CPA Marketing Program immediately.

It’s your turn.

I can’t wait to hear about your success.

Toasting Your Success,

Salim Omar

Salim Omar, CPA

“The CPA Marketing Genius”

P.S. Waiting will cost you money. Don’t let your competitors get their hands on these profit-boosting strategies before you do! For many CPAs the difference between success and bankruptcy is just one well-executed ad – I guarantee that you’ll find what you need right here. Go ahead and order now.

P.P.S. Remember, your investment is protected by my 100% Practice Growth Guarantee. Order the CPA Marketing Genius System now and watch your Practice grow – if you aren’t thrilled with your progress – email me and I will immediately refund your investment.

Telephone: (732) 566-3660


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“I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars”

I have spent a lot of money attending coaching and mastermind sessions and have received a wealth of marketing insight. The problem was trying to convert this knowledge and modify it to my CPA practice. CPA Marketing Genius has solved this problem.

I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars and an enormous rate of return applying the insights from the CPA Marketing Genius. Thank you Salim for passing on your insights that you obtained from your struggles. I know you have benefited me, my family, my employees and my clients.

Danny Mueller, CPA
Edmond, OK

“I am confident my results will be immeasurable”

CPA Marketing Genius has opened my eyes that there is a right way to market and a wrong way. Why waste our valuable time as CPAs trying to do things the wrong way when we are not marketers by trade. CPA Marketing Genius offers valuable insight and tips that will save our most valuable resource…time. I am confident that I will see great results! Salim is the Mentor’s Mentor.

David Robbins, CPA
Nieminski Robbins and Associates, CPAs
Chicago, Illinois

“I finally realized that I need to consistently present myself as an expert to win new clients”

I’ve been through the complete system twice and I’m already writing my first Special Report! I plan to keep the ball rolling with a second report when I finish this one – thanks to CPA Marketing Genius. I finally realized that I need to consistently present myself as an expert to win new clients – It took CPA Marketing Genius to finally understand this important “marketing secret”. Thanks

Gerry Barrasso, CPA, CFP, PFS
United Financial Planning Group
Hauppage, NY

“This is the real deal”

Thank you so much for putting together an excellent marketing program with your "Genius CPA Marketing System" Many other programs just provide ads to write but you have helped me to focus on many other details needed to make my practice really take off.

I have had great results in building my tax season business and I really believe the process you have provided will help me to round out and accelerate my year round practice.

Paul Dion, CPA
West Boylston, MA

“CPA Marketing Genius had really changed my focus and approach. “

I would strongly recommend this program for anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level.

The Course makes you plan, set goals and gives you benchmarks for achieving those goals, this itself is well worth the cost of your program. Most importantly it makes you think about what you should be doing and directs your attention to places you would not have otherwise thought of. Thanks Salim!

Jim Bochner, CPA
Alternative Business Solutions, Inc.
Corvallis, OR

“I have seen the biggest return on marketing dollars from the things I learned”

"I quickly enrolled in Salim's programs, studied and learned everything I could from the materials and then quickly put what I learned to work for me in my firm. The results were everything I hoped for and could have expected.

If you are a CPA just starting out on your own or a seasoned CPA looking for more effective and efficient ways to market your firm, do yourself a favor and sign up for anything Salim is will certainly not be disappointed. I have seen the biggest return on marketing dollars from the things I learned and implemented from Salim's programs"

Ike Ikokwu, CPA, CFP
"The Financial Independence Coach"