“Double the Size of Your Practice & Triple Your Personal Income in 12 Months or LESS……Without Working Any Additional Hours

Salim Omar

If you missed my LIVE Accountant’s Marketing Breakthroughs Retreat, you can get all of the same powerful information I shared during this sold-out event in my BRAND NEW Accountant’s Marketing Breakthroughs Genius Blueprint.

“I reveal ALL of my latest, most realistic and simple-to-implement strategies and short-cuts to help you design your very own Master Marketing Plan and Roadmap to build a MILLION DOLLAR Lifestyle Practice”

  • Discover how to create a “Marketing Roadmap” designed exclusively for your practice. Learn all of my latest, most powerful strategies and short cuts to create a marketing plan and detailed marketing calendar that will generate 2 to 3 new quality clients like clockwork, each and every month.
  • Conquer common stumbling blocks and barriers that get in the way of real success. Overcome these and accelerate your success.
  • Increase your fees and cross-sell opportunities without risking your client base. (99% of the practices I talk to have this hidden asset sitting right under their nose……you’ll learn the most effective strategies to quickly tap into it.)
  • How I generated fees in excess of $350k from just referrals. Receive full permission to use 2-3 of my best referral letters and customize them for your practice!

Dear CPA Practice Owner,

You can double the size of your practice and triple your net income while actually working less hours…if you have a detailed step-by-step roadmap designed for your practice and area.

If you’ve never experienced it, this may be a little tough to believe at first.

Whether you are one of the MANY FRUSTRATED practitioners who feels “TRAPPED” in their practice and are looking for a solution…

Or you’re currently doing well, but you want to take your practice and your income to the next level…

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between…

Wherever you find yourself right now, the good news is I have a SOLUTION for you.

Let’s face it, running and growing your practice can be a real challenge sometimes.

I understand it because I’ve been there…


This is a little embarrassing to publicly admit but my practice barely survived the first six years.

Before I started my practice, I remember thinking “how hard can it be?” I felt a Yellow Page ad, word of mouth referrals and several networking events and bam – clients would stampede my Jersey location.

I was dead wrong.

In just a few years I burned through my savings and went $100K into debt. Every day was a struggle to pay the bills. My few, poorly qualified employees sensed my desperation and took other jobs.

I was overworked and it showed in my relationships with others.

Clients weren’t happy and were taking their business to my competitors. Every week was a 50 -70 hour marathon that left me exhausted and disillusioned. Something had to change.

I turned to so-called Guru CPAs…

Dead end. These guys were just as clueless as I was!

Plus, their “systems” focused on marketing “bits and pieces” but none of them provided proven strategies on the entire marketing process.

So I changed gears – and searched for bona-fide marketing experts with proven track records.

I spent thousands of dollars and a great deal of time learning from almost all of the top gurus including Michael Gerber (E-Myth Revisited), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and others.

Not only did I learn – I applied what I learned.

And it worked (thank goodness!)

  • I spent more time signing clients who were willing to pay premium fees and less time with tire-kickers.
  • I finally ended my tortuous cold-calling sessions and spent less time at useless networking events.
  • The part I enjoyed the most was watching my marketing systems bring in a steady flow of quality leads that converted to 2 – 3 great clients every month.

Best of all, I have a thriving practice and my life back –

My team is happy and put in 110% every day because they love their jobs and feel they are making a contribution. Their support and hard work gives me confidence that my company’s cash flow and profit growth is safe and certain.

For the last five years, I finally have the lifestyle I want. I am able to work only four, 7 hours days during tax season and 3 days a week the rest of the year. Plus, I continue to enjoy a minimum of 5 weeks of vacation every year.

Now, I want to help you create YOUR success story

I want to introduce to you my life-changing, practice-altering Genius Blueprint.

In it, you’ll learn everything that no one ever taught you (it’s like you’ll finally be invited to the private club of successful practitioners.)

In this Genius Blueprint and over a period of ONLY TWO focused days, I will share with you EVERYTHING you need to know about getting clients consistently, making more money, each and every month and creating your MILLION DOLLAR practice.

In the Genius Blueprint, I have included 11 years of my marketing teachings, my secrets, and the lessons I learned from many, many failures and the many, many successes that followed. This is THE opportunity to transfer marketing and practice building knowledge from my brain to yours. I’ve left NOTHING out—showing you everything you need to know.

This is a very different kind of training than you may be accustomed to. It’s going to be high-content, focused and relevant content. You will discover everything you need to get more clients in your practice—easily and consistently.

This is a true HANDS-ON PROGRAM, geared ONLY toward CPA practitioners who want to take their practice to the next level. We’ll work together, laugh together and create your marketing roadmap together. During this program, I will help teach you how you can attract more quality, high paying clients, make more money, and give you examples for everything.

What This Genius Blueprint is NOT

This will NOT be a lecture about marketing theory.

Instead, you are going to learn the latest and most practical strategies that work today. We will work on your detailed Marketing Plan and Calendar.

You will learn how to generate quality leads effortlessly.  You will learn how to best covert these leads into well paying clients. I will show you how to increase revenues from your existing clients and how to encourage them to refer new ones.

Together, you and I are going to craft the Practice you’ve been working towards for years.

Transforming what you have now into a highly lucrative accounting practice is absolutely 100% possible and do-able and I want to show you how to make this a reality.

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you receive the Genius Blueprint:

Attracting New Leads

I’ll help you produce high-impact marketing for the best performing channels including:

Direct Mail:

  • How to create your own lead generating sales letters specifically tailored for your practice and market (no generic templates – you can actually take my letters that have produced results and you’ll be able to customize them for you and your practice that you can stamp and mail.)
  • How to find the perfect prospect list.


  • I will show you how to write a winning video script that you can use to create your video.

Social Media:

  • I have an expert speaker who is going to show you how to set-up and start using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to build your authority status.


  • We will talk about what article marketing is and why you can’t ignore it anymore.


  • The secret to creating eye-grabbing email marketing messages that target your prospect’s buying triggers and gets them clicking to your website and calling your office to meet with you.

Yellow Page and Magazine Ads:

  • m Simple techniques that will turn your Yellow Page and Magazine ads into reliable phone-ringers 365 days of the year.


  • Learn how to become the “go to” CPA Celebrity in your market and how to turn your popularity into premium fees.
  • How to add speaking and teleseminars to your marketing mix.
  • How to network like a veteran pro.
  • Clever and attractive ways to package your CPA services (no one will ever call you boring again!).

Converting Leads into Clients

Once your lead generation machine is feeding you a steady flow of quality leads, you’ll have the best tools for turning the leads into clients – such as:

  • Most effective ways to convert leads into monthly paying clients.
  • Cheat sheet with the questions to ask.
  • Live Role Play – see the things that hurt you from getting MAXIMUM fees.
  • I will show you the right time and the right way to get authentic testimonials that will boost your marketing conversions by 10-12%.

Maintaining and Increasing Revenue from Current Clients and…

The elite practices I coach know that their highest-ROI will come from marketing to their existing clients – I’ll show you exactly what to do and give you practical strategies for increasing your billable revenue:

  • We’ll review your fee structure and I’ll show you how to use your service mix to increase fees and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Plus…I’ll show you the un-obvious and un-tapped gold mine in your practice.

Encouraging Existing Clients to Refer New Ones

  • I will share with you how I generated fees in excess of $350k from just referrals.
  • LEARN THE RIGHT WAY TO ASK YOUR CLIENTS FOR REFERRALS (and how to avoid the practice killing mistake you’re probably doing right now).
  • I’ll give you 2-3 of my best referral letters that you can customize for your practice.

As you can see, I will leave no stone unturned. In fact…

Your Practice’s Greatest Growth Opportunity Exists Now

Listen, we are conducting business in a shaky economy and the situation is still pretty bleak for many businesses….But….

In spite of the doom and gloom predictions from Washington and the financial news, I believe NOW is your practice’s time to SHINE.

Right now the majority of your competitors are making big mistakes.

For example –

They are lowering their fees in a misguided attempt to be “budget friendly,”

They are spending money on advertising that just won’t work to drum up business,

They are cutting their marketing investment to conserve cash (destroying their new business pipeline in the process),

All fatal errors that will weed out the weak practice’s in your market and leave you standing if you know how to capitalize on the opportunity!

I’m excited for you because with my Genius Blueprint you will learn the simple marketing and strategies that I use to:

  • Beat competitors with a manageable and streamlined marketing budget.
  • Turn clients into raving fans who are happy to refer other clients.
  • Create a client orientation process that creates instant loyalty at the very first meeting – and more.
  • Become the “go to” CPA Celebrity and how to turn that into premium fees.
  • Earn top dollars for services you provide to your clients.

Imagine what you could do If you were able to implement just one or two of these strategies in your practice?

Well, this Genius Blueprint is your opportunity…

Here’s What You Get..

With your investment in the Genius Blueprint, you’ll get my latest strategies and revelations about you can create your very own blueprint that will get you to a more profitable practice in less time.  You will receive everything I presented, key group discussions and the revealing questions and answers sessions where we worked on applying these strategies to the real life CPA practices of the attendees. No stone is left unturned. Here is what will be delivered to your front-door step:

Accountants Marketing Breakthroughs Retreat Exclusive Reference Guide

  1. Accountants Marketing Breakthroughs Retreat Exclusive Reference Guide

It is the same thick manual that attendees received.  This exclusive reference guide is a GIANT manual that is jam packed with all the PowerPoint slides, templates to create your own marketing calendar, referral letters, cheat sheets, a word for word sales script I use to close new clients.

In just two days, attendees at the live event used this reference manual to create their own marketing calendar for the entire next year and their own MILLION DOLLAR blueprint. You can now quickly accomplish the same goal over just one weekend or over several days of a single week.

Accountant's Marketing Breakthroughs Genius Blueprint DVDs

  1. DVDs of the ENTIRE 2 Day Live Retreat

9 professionally recorded and edited DVDs of the entire two days. I spared no expense with an outstanding video package at the event to be sure you have a great quality (both video and sound) DVD set of the program. 9 DVD’s so you literally feel you were there at the event with me! Top of the line quality and sound ensure you won’t miss a moment of this life changing experience. Professionally edited and produced in a separate DVD binder with sleeves so you can keep this experience with you for years to come.

Accountant's Marketing Breakthroughs Genius Blueprint CDs

  1. CDs of the ENTIRE 2 Day Live Retreat

12 CD’s that allow you to listen at your own pace at home, on your computer or even in the car. And, you can add these to your iPod or MP3 player so you can take the whole experience with you wherever you go!  You will want to listen to listen to these several times to be certain you don’t miss any of the useful insights and strategies you’ll discover on them. As with the video, top of the line quality and sound ensure you won’t miss a moment of this life changing experience. Professionally edited and produced in a separate CD binder with sleeves so you can keep this experience with you for years to come.

Accountant's Marketing Breakthroughs Genius Blueprint

  1. Templates, Scripts, Checklists, Examples, and More!

These will save you HOURS of time. I’ve carefully selected my own tools you need to be successful with each of the methods I will teach to you and reveal at the event. These are the same tools I’ve used in my practice for years, so you know they work! Each of the templates, scripts, checklists, examples, and more are included as part of your event reference guide. Easy for you to reference over and over again.

Each of the templates, scripts, checklists, examples, and more are included as part of your event reference guide. Easy for you to reference over and over again.

BONUS #1:  Hiring the Best Staff and Developing Them to Become Peak Performers

Finding and keeping good employees has held a lot of practitioners back. In this fast paced audio CD, management and people performance expert Jay Hendersen shares with CPAs how to hire, fire, and produce peak performance from your staff. You will learn, where to find top notch staff who will make you look like a hero, how to quickly find out if they will be a good fit to the team and to your practice, some of the common hiring mistakes to avoid and how to how to develop staff to become peak performers.

BONUS #2: Leverage Your Time to Grow Your Practice and Create a Lifestyle Practice

During this group coaching call, I share with coaching members how to leverage their time so they can grow their practice to the million dollar level mark and higher.  This call was held only for my highest level coaching members but you get to listen in to hear how I have been able to leverage my time so I can only work a few days in my practice.

BONUS #3: How to Have Your BEST Tax Season EVER

During this special live 90 minute Teleseminar that I held, I discussed tax time specific strategies including: fee structure, time management and tax season work efficiencies. You will receive the complete recording of this Teleseminar on two CD’s.

Your Investment

With the immense value you will receive from the Genius Blueprint, I started with a price of $2,995.

That felt like a fair exchange. I personally have paid far more than that to receive trainingof this caliber.

Then I told myself that some folks may find the $2,995 price tag to be on the high side so I drastically chopped it to $995.

Again, I paused and said to myself that I didn’t want any of my fellow practitioners who are determined and serious about growing their practice to say that the tuition was too high.

So I slashed the $995 fee by HALF……

You pay only $495 for this Genius Blueprint.

My Personal “Better Than Money
Back” Guarantee:

Go ahead, get the Genius Blueprint at NO RISK whatsoever. If for any reason, over the next 90 days, if the Genius Blueprint doesn’t meet your expectations, just let me know and ask for a prompt refund. No other reason needed.

It’s got to be the best investment you’ve ever made to help you design a Master Marketing Plan and Roadmap to help you to build a MILLION DOLLAR practice in the shortest amount of time possible…

…or I’ll pay you your money back.

I’m 100% confident that the Genius Blueprint will be the most targeted, most complete and most useful training you’ve ever invested in.

There is nothing out there comes CLOSE to teaching these breakthroughs and the amazing, step-by-step information you’re going to discover to build a MILION DOLLAR practice.

That’s my promise.

One Last Word (important)

By now you know deep down whether or not you need the Blueprint.

Understand this:

I won’t push you to do something that isn’t in your best interest. However, I can honestly say that I wish I would have had this opportunity to jump to the front of the “expertise line” when I started 15 years ago…

Here’s your opportunity. You won’t find this type of in-the-trenches training anywhere else.


Salim Omar, CPA

Accounting Today Magazine

Accounting Today says, “Salim Omar literally wrote the book on promoting a small practice.”

P.S. Remember that your entire investment is protected by my 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If for any reason, over the next 90 days, if the Genius Blueprint doesn’t meet your expectations, just let me know and ask for a prompt refund. No other reason needed.

It’s got to be the best investment you’ve ever made to help you design a Master Marketing Plan and Roadmap to help you to build a MILLION DOLLAR practice in the shortest amount of time possible…

“This retreat has been more hands on than any other I’ve been to. Many present data which you have to take back to your office and figure out how to implement. At this retreat you are actually doing the work as opposed to just having the material presented to you. I think that because of the nature of the retreat with the hands on work that I will actually be able to finally go back and implement what’s been presented to me as opposed to just having to go back and hit the shelf and never be looked at again.”

David Toney, CPA
Cincinnati, Ohio

“One of the main things I’ve gotten from this retreat is how to develop a true, cohesive marketing plan that will hopefully help us generate additional business. This retreat is different from others because it’s very specialized and Salim really crafted it to the needs of the people that are at this seminar. It’s not a canned seminar. It’s really a very nice, customized, down to earth seminar.”

Robert Centrello, CPA
Fishkill, New York

“This retreat is different from most because a lot of the other ones were not given by a CPA. They were given by people in marketing and advertising. They could tell you how to do something, but not exactly what you should do for a CPA firm. That’s what the main difference is here.”

Norman Fleisher, CPA
Fairlawn, New Jersey

“This retreat allowed me to discover a possible alternate stream of income. I’ve also streamlined my goals and where I want to go and how I need to improve the structure of my business. I’ve realized the importance of marketing and how to get my name out and let people know exactly what I do and that’s been wonderful.

I think this retreat will help me greatly to improve my practice in terms of where I want to go, specialize more in the areas of work that I really love to do. Expand, I do have a couple of goals before I retire and I find that this particular seminar is giving me those outlines and avenues in which to achieve those particular goals.

Mary Fries, EA
Las Vegas, Nevada

“There are several ideas I got from this retreat. One is how to increase your fees. The second is market message and media, how he combined it and gave us the big picture. So, I can apply all of these marketing messages into my business.

For me personally, I got a practice make over so I was there and it has practically revamped my practice so if I want to get a new niche I know exactly what the steps are to get to that new niche.

I see that revenue wise, I am going to see long-term growth for several years from this retreat.

Asif Vadaria, CPA
Chicago, Illinois

“I have got a lot of ideas from this Retreat. Marketing, how we’re going to go about out marketing – a total change to how we’ve been doing it.

This retreat is unique because all of the concepts are different from how you go about marketing to how you’re approaching your staff. Digging deeper on staff development and handling those troubled employees than any other seminar that I’ve ever been to that’s for CPAs.

Because of this retreat, I think we’re going to have a better place to work and happier staff as well as, probably, lots of growth.

Roy Fisher, CPA
Woodlands, Texas


Featured in Accounting Today
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“I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars”

I have spent a lot of money attending coaching and mastermind sessions and have received a wealth of marketing insight. The problem was trying to convert this knowledge and modify it to my CPA practice. CPA Marketing Genius has solved this problem.

I am absolutely convinced that I will make thousands of dollars and an enormous rate of return applying the insights from the CPA Marketing Genius. Thank you Salim for passing on your insights that you obtained from your struggles. I know you have benefited me, my family, my employees and my clients.

Danny Mueller, CPA
Edmond, OK

“I am confident my results will be immeasurable”

CPA Marketing Genius has opened my eyes that there is a right way to market and a wrong way. Why waste our valuable time as CPAs trying to do things the wrong way when we are not marketers by trade. CPA Marketing Genius offers valuable insight and tips that will save our most valuable resource…time. I am confident that I will see great results! Salim is the Mentor’s Mentor.

David Robbins, CPA
Nieminski Robbins and Associates, CPAs
Chicago, Illinois

“I finally realized that I need to consistently present myself as an expert to win new clients”

I’ve been through the complete system twice and I’m already writing my first Special Report! I plan to keep the ball rolling with a second report when I finish this one – thanks to CPA Marketing Genius. I finally realized that I need to consistently present myself as an expert to win new clients – It took CPA Marketing Genius to finally understand this important “marketing secret”. Thanks

Gerry Barrasso, CPA, CFP, PFS
United Financial Planning Group
Hauppage, NY

“This is the real deal”

Thank you so much for putting together an excellent marketing program with your "Genius CPA Marketing System" Many other programs just provide ads to write but you have helped me to focus on many other details needed to make my practice really take off.

I have had great results in building my tax season business and I really believe the process you have provided will help me to round out and accelerate my year round practice.

Paul Dion, CPA
West Boylston, MA

“CPA Marketing Genius had really changed my focus and approach. “

I would strongly recommend this program for anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level.

The Course makes you plan, set goals and gives you benchmarks for achieving those goals, this itself is well worth the cost of your program. Most importantly it makes you think about what you should be doing and directs your attention to places you would not have otherwise thought of. Thanks Salim!

Jim Bochner, CPA
Alternative Business Solutions, Inc.
Corvallis, OR

“I have seen the biggest return on marketing dollars from the things I learned”

"I quickly enrolled in Salim's programs, studied and learned everything I could from the materials and then quickly put what I learned to work for me in my firm. The results were everything I hoped for and could have expected.

If you are a CPA just starting out on your own or a seasoned CPA looking for more effective and efficient ways to market your firm, do yourself a favor and sign up for anything Salim is offering....you will certainly not be disappointed. I have seen the biggest return on marketing dollars from the things I learned and implemented from Salim's programs"

Ike Ikokwu, CPA, CFP
"The Financial Independence Coach"