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If you’re more than just a number crunching CPA that is busy doing it, doing it, doing it! If you’re a CPA that wants to create a practice that will give you…


Then a 45 minute strategy session with me could change your life.

Over the last decade, I’ve reinvented my practice, a 360` transformation. From working long hours, struggling with low paying clients and a mediocre team to what I refer to as, a lifestyle practice.

A practice that enables me to work only 2 days a week. (YEP, 2, that wasn’t a typo), a championship team in place I can rely on and streamlined operations for optimal efficiency and profits.

I’ve established the practice of my dreams and now I am helping other firm owners do the same.

Are you ready to play at a much higher level?

Key Benefits of Coaching with Salim

  • Customized BluePrint For Your Practice to Increase Profits.
  • Dependable Team of Champions That You Can Rely On
  • Targeted Marketing Plan That Will Constantly Attract High Quality Clients.
  • Processes & Procedures To Efficiently Run Your Practice.
  • Community Of Like Minded Practitioners That Help Each Other Grow.
  • Accountability That Ensures Results and Implementation.
  • Expert Advice From Salim And His Team On Your Biggest Obstacles


We joined the program for better processes but throughout it we determined that our pricing was NO where it should be. We added $179,681 in new revenue in one year.

Roger Menden, CPA

Working with the GPG Coaching Group has given me the clarity I need to work with my existing employees as far as giving them the same vision so they can start taking on some of the work that I was doing, which frees me up to grow the business instead of working in the business.

Also, doing goal setting which is something we’ve never done before. I’m doing weekly strategy meetings which I would have never done before without the clarity and focus from Salim’s group.

Dale Hammernik, CPA

I am happy to report that Salim methods have led to a huge increase in my practice and a happier lifestyle. As part of his coaching group, I have already had a six figure increase in revenues this year.

Peter Holtz, CPA

“I added $243,254 in new revenues in less than one year.”

Talita Camilo, CPA

“I had the BEST TAX SEASON I have had in 14 years.”

Sonu Shukla, CPA

“Since joining Salim’s program we have also seen a revenue increase of $75,369.”

Keith Heil, CPA

You Need to Ask Yourself…

Am I ready to have the practice I always dreamed of owning?