“Reinventing the wheel gets you to
your destination
faster and smoother. ”

- Salim Omar, CPA

About Salim

Salim has spent the last 21 years uncovering the keys to success of any CPA firm. He uses his financial expertise, and his own experience growing his CPA practice, to help CPA firm owners create firms that are profitable, respected and fun for their employees.

From going $100,000 into debt his first 5 years in practice to, currently, owning a 12 person, thriving practice, that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Best of all, he only works a few days a week while his practice continues to grow.

Author of The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy, featured in The CPA Journal, and on the cover of Accounting Today .

A personal note…

Due to lack of money, no sleep, dinners at my desk and a depleted health system, I knew I needed to make a change.

I was overwhelmed and picking up the slack for incompetent team members, dealing with crappy clients that fought me on my fees and struggling to meet every tax deadline before I flatlined.

A personal life, I had none. My professional life, was a disaster.

Life as a CPA practitioner totally lost its charm.

So I became the student again, strategized, wrote down a plan and created the BEST way to create a successful CPA firm that I want to share with my fellow practitioners.

Now I have the freedom to take real vacations because I can relax knowing that there is a steady income coming in from my practice with a reliable team and quality clients!

I know what it is like and I know what you deserve.

Whether it is the FREE 3 Step CPA Practice Growth Plan, joining my Million Dollar CPA Club, reading one my books, a 6-week training program or my coaching programs – I CAN help you.

I am truly passionate about supporting your growth.

I am a loving husband, devoted father, an avid member of my community and the President of CPA Marketing Genius, LLC.

I vow to take the time to teach you the systems and processes I have perfected in my own thriving practice.

He hosts specialty events for practitioners and enlists
some of the top minds to share their ideas

Salim is a CPA just like YOU, who takes the time to teach the systems and processes he has perfected in his own thriving practice.

Salim is dedicated
to his family, friends
and community.

Join me and learn how to attract quality clients, build a championship team, and attain more freedom!

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